Video Production Services Minneapolis, MN


Fast Forward Productions offers  high-definition video services ranging from producing, shooting and editing  complete videos  to providing crews  for interviews, television shoots or local b-roll.  If you need a Minneapolis camera crew, contact Fast Forward Productions for a quote. We look forward to learning about your shoot and working to make your video project exceed expectations. If you are in Minneapolis to to aquire additional footage for an ongoing  project, we can help. Our camera crews use some of today’s most popular HD cameras so we can work with your editors and existing vendors to match the look and feel of the video you have underway.  Need something more? Contact us and we will do whatever we can to provide the camera crew, editing and video production services that work for you.

Video Production for Web and Commercials

Reaching out to to a wider audience? Contact us for your next social media, television commercial or web movie.  Web videos  are a great way to grab viewer attention and get your message across.  With the high-end video production values we deliver, you create exactly the impression you want to convey. A small company shows off its big ideas. A larger company feels more personal. A business with a lot of competition stands out from the crowd.

Commercial Video Projects

  • Local Television Commercials
  • Internet Advertising
  • New Product Release
  • Promotional Videos
  • Social Media Videos
  • Business web movies

Corporate Video Production

Fast Forward Productions excels  in high-end interview lighting for business leaders and corporate CEO’s. If you need a  finished video to bring your corporate vision to life,  we do company videos, presentations, tutorials, training,  product launches,  corporate seminars, conferences, and other  company  events.  Whether you’re business is just getting started or breaking into new territory our video production services can help you meet your goals.

Corporate Video Projects

  • Corporate Marketing
  • Event  Documenting
  • Professional Profiles
  • Product and Service Presentations
  • Publicity
  • Brand Videos
  • Product and Service Launches
  • Training Video and Tutorials
  • Award Show and Trade Show Filming

Fast Forward Productions travels to China

Documentary Video Production

Documenting people’s lives and important events takes a special approach. Fast Forward Productions has its roots in news production and our crew members are exceptional visual story tellers with a deep seated sense of humanity and a passion for the subjects we film. If you need a fully produced documentary or coverage of a cause or a contestant for a profile or personal back story, we have the experience and sensitivity to tell stories that move, motivate and inspire.

Documentary Projects

  • Human Interest Documentaries
  • Medical Patient Profile
  • Contestant Back Story
  • Personal Profiles
  • Social Issues
  • Artist Profiles

Theater Stage Performance Video Production

Fast Forward Productions provides video services to publicize and promote your theatrical production.  We can shoot and edit Writer, Director and Actor profiles and behind the scenes video segments as marketing,  promotional material or video news release for local television stations. If you need an edited, multi-camera shoot of you finished production , call for a quote.

Theater and Performance Projects:

  • Stage Performance Documentation
  • Writer and Director Profiles
  • Actor Profiles
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Educational Presentations
  • Theatrical Production Fundraising

Contact Fast Forward Productions today for more information on Video Production, Field Production, Video Editing, Camera Crews, or Equipment. Put your message into motion with high quality HD video.